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Operation: Namco Vs. Sproutzilla...

A.K.A. The battle that almost never came to be.

I've remained relatively quiet about Namco and sort of the general state of things in my life. I hit a small downward swing about a week ago due to the crippling realization that within a few weeks, I could be unemployed for the first time in a large number of years and quite possibly without the comfort of unemployment to help me out.

Once I'd received the call from my staffing agency that my interview had gone spectacularly and that I was hired for the contract position from Namco, I immediately put my notice in and began preparing to leave my current job.

Disaster struck. Literally.

It was the end of the first week of my two week notice and it was 5pm. I was literally about to head out the door to start my weekend when I received a call.

Due to Namco's HQ being in Japan they were dealing with the present situation of being struck by several natural disasters. Therefore, my newfound position with them was on hold for a month, possibly longer, if it even happened at all.

After gathering myself and taking a moment to assess things, I told my boss the situation and she said I could at least stay a couple of weeks but that they had already begun hunting for my replacement as they expected me to be out within the next week.

Sure. That's understandable and there's nothing I could do about it.

The following week, she notified me that she had a start date of April 11th for the new person, that I would stay a week and train them and then I was out.

This was based off of the information that the staffing agency had provided me. They said that they were hoping for an April 18th start date and since I was one the second of two projects, my date was scheduled for April 25th.

So the potential would be that I'd have a few days off between jobs. Assuming best case scenario that I actually have a job with Namco still.

I'd written an e-mail to the staffing rep I'd been working with an notified them of my situation. Hi so and so, guess what, I may not have a job soon, please let me know if you get any info on Namco, asap. Thanks.

They said they had no way of knowing and would let me know as soon as they heard anything. They presented it like this:

Best Case: I start on one of the two start dates.

Worst Case: The start date gets pushed back again.

Absolute Worst Case: They pull the project.

I'd asked my boss if I could at least work until the 20th of April as that was the last day of the pay period and only 3 additional days after I was originally supposed to leave. (All assuming I don't start on the 18th.)

She said she'd see if I could and let me know.

Lately, everything has been in a state of limbo. I had to put all of my planning on hold for cons and trips and purchases and everything.

I've been extremely stressed and freaked out and not really sure where to go.

I'd committed to giving the Namco gig a few more weeks to materialize and then if I heard nothing I'd pull the plug and start looking elsewhere as I can't afford to be unemployed.

Also, the reason I probably wouldn't qualify for EDD is because I left (for the most part) my current job willingly.

Well, today I got a call from the staffing agency and I have a confirmed start date with Namco of May 16th. It's not ideal as it's a ways off but it's confirmed and more information than I've had in a few weeks.

I'm going to try to do all I can in that block of non-working time to keep funds coming in by taking commissions and whatnot. Also, might try to hunt down some odd jobs here and there just so I have something.

But it's a huge relief to finally have something that looks like a step in a better direction.

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I'm so happy that the job came through for you!

Better late then never.

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Thanks! Me too! :)

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During your off time, try to maintain your usual work schedule, but during the time you'd normally be at work, get crankin' on commissions. You should be able to accomplish alot in that time.

Or you could just, y'know, sit around all day and follow your roommates around the house.

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I need to collaborate and get all the fbombs I've made together for a photo party so I can get good pics up on Etsy to start my etsy ball rolling.

Also, I may try to hit up a friend or two for some house cleaning jobs just to make a little bit of money :)

Oooo! And when I do that I can text them, "I'm breathing! Inhale.. exhale... inhale... exhale..."

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Well, today I got a call from the staffing agency and I have a confirmed start date with Namco of May 16th.

THANK YA JAYSUS *happy church dance* Must use my inside voice... :p

Oooo! And when I do that I can text them, "I'm breathing! Inhale.. exhale... inhale... exhale..."


sorry, outside voice again...

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