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Zoom Zoom....

I blame [ profile] funktaur for this.

It appears I have wrangled myself a not-so-distant goal.

Sproutzilla may be rockin' a Miata.

Keyword being, "may" but it's still something I'm seriously considering.

I was at the household of Rozga, Valden, G-Wolf, and others just hangin' out when we got on the subject of motorcycles and what kind of bikes we're looking to get at some point, what bikes are good for N00b riders and various other 2-wheeled subject putty.

We slithered the conversation around and eventually got on the subject of Valden's Miata. Essentially it came out as, "Well if you've got x number of dollars, you got yerself a Miata."

I was curious and wanted to see the little monster in question.

We hopped out to the garage and sure enough, it was tiny, black and unsuspecting. Convertible with a British racing green hardtop. And very slight racing stripes on the hood.

It needs some work on the engine but otherwise it's fit for the taking.

After talking to Valden for a bit, I was gaining more and more interest. Admittedly... the rims were sexy and so was talk of doing the work to add a roll bar. :: Drool ::


At this point, with only one more small step to complete the claim for my license, I plan on seeing how the job at Namco goes and if it looks like it's gonna be longer than a few months. If things look good, I'm going to see about getting the funds together and buying the Miata.

If it doesn't work out.. there's other cars. It's just that this one is in the range of what I'd be willing to work with at *this* point in my life.

We shall see what the future holds :) All I know, is I'm over this whole non-mobility bs.

The time is now. :)

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Miatas are amazing. They're small, 4 cylinder (fuel efficient), convertible (sexy), rear wheel drive (fun), and japanese (reliable). I keep on telling myself that my next car will be a miata. I wish you luck with your new job and your new wheels =^.^=

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thanks! And wish me luck when I actually get a car :) hehe

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OK, lemme rephrase that. Wishing you luck in getting your new car :P

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Also infinite cargo space!*

*So long as said cargo is more vertical and less horizontal.

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haha :) is that the AC unit?

and there's the car! Yayyy! Now I have porn to drool over :) *drools over topless miata*

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The 2011 MX-5 looks pretty nice, and the GT version comes with a 6-speed manual gearbox. :)

Personally, I liked the, uh, second generation Miata, they looked sportier with the Dual exhaust and the non-popup headlights.

I'd say go for it!

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I'm hopin' to! It's just a matter of getting my license back and getting the money together.

One step at a time :)

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LOL well if you do take the Miata, you will have Lots o Fun!

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I'll drive you places! :) We can go on adventures! :) But no boys allowed.. cuz uh.. well.. it's only got 2 seats :) hahah :)

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Wereskunk IS a boy, I'll have you know!

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Is that the name of the car?

What's that, Valden? Paint it pink and cover it in flowers and hello kitty's? Don't mind if I do!

:: paint paint paint girly girly girly ::