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ADVENTURE! Codename: Twitter HQ

Show us on the doll where the Twitter touched you.

You just gestured to all of it.

A couple of days ago, I randomly received an e-mail from Twitter. It said that a while back I'd checked some box somewhere that said I'd be interested in doing market research for them. They had an opportunity to come and do a one on one session for them and I'd get a $50 Amazon gift card for giving my opinions. Sure, why not. Gift card coupled with getting to see the Twitter offices in SF? What's the harm.

I got off work and headed over into rainy San Francisco. I was a bit early and took my time walking through the familiar streets I'd walked a million times before. The Twitter office is located literally a block away from the building at worked at for SBC/Pacific Bell for 3 years so it was nice to be in familiar territory.

Their office is unassuming and they take up the entire 6th floor of the building they're in.

Their office is surprisingly simple and sparse.

I got off the elevator and took a left towards an enormous receptionist desk. There was a HUGE Apple monitor and a nice receptionist behind the desk. She told me that it'd be a bit since I was early and to help myself to a drink in their drink fridge. I asked if I could take pics and was given the go ahead. Apparently, a lot of people take pics, according to the receptionist.

So, I grabbed a rose green tea and started taking a few pics.

Here's the drink fridge:

Their bookshelf o' awards:

A plushie Twitter bird that reminded me of my Fbombs:

Some uh... wildlife and their window:

The view from their window.. why yes.. that is YBG and Moscone...:

The sign behind the receptionist's desk:

The corner of their office above the sitting area that had Twitter art from around the world:

One of these were sitting on each of their sofas in different colors:

I was sitting on the sofa, mainly observing until it was time for me to go in. Most people there looked like typical SF tech industry folks. Most of them were wearing Twitter shirts which consisted of a plain colored shirt with the bird on it.

The thing that I found odd/weird/interesting/disturbing/etc. was that they all carried their laptops... EVERYWHERE. Everyone had a laptop and they were always carrying on with them. Including the guy who had his laptop open and was working on it as he went into the bathroom. Yes. I said that.

You didn't really see the data center much except for when people swiped to go in and the door opened a bit before they disappeared.

I got called into a room with a few computers set up and it was just me and the facilitator. Also, there was a webcam positioned on me at all times.

I can't talk about what the projects were or what I was there for because I signed an NDA. But! I can tell you why it made me feel dirty.

I was asked to login to my Twitter account. So the facilitator had a remote desktop program set up so she could see everything on my account while I looked at it, and I believe the room full of developers next door could, as well.

First embarrassing moment:

My last tweet was from last Saturday night at AOD where I was being kinda emo and drunk. Not my finest moment. And now proudly on display.

My next embarrassing moment:

They asked me to pull up the last convo I'd had with someone via Twitter. The last convo I had had on Twitter was with myself and [ profile] humblewolf discussing my disappointment at my bosses not appreciating my bringing a Psycho Donut Pizza to work and yah. I'm not gonna totally go into the convo but if you follow me on Twitter... feel free to look at the convo. It's from Feb. 10th. Also not my finest moment.

I felt kinda like I shouldn't be there. Here's the thing. I don't read Twitter anymore. At all. If I post anything which is also rare, it's from a text msg to Twitter. I believe last weekend was the last time I'd said anything in weeks. And in truth, I just find Twitter kind of a waste of time and it makes me just sort of annoyed that you have to do so much work to keep up with people and their lives. Like, why should I have to login into a website to know what's going on with my friends all the time? Why can't people just talk to each other?

I harass people all the time. Conversations are beautiful.

Why did I go, you ask? Because I never turn down a chance to do market research. I like feel like I'm participating and helping to shape things even on a small level.

So.. I'm sitting here talking to this woman, giving my opinions and I almost feel like I'm disappointing her with my answers. I didn't say that I hate Twitter. I didn't say anything negative. I went along with it and did what I was asked.

But afterwards, I felt kinda dirty. Like I went against my beliefs or something.

It was an interesting experience. And I can at least say I've been to the Twitter offices. But eh. If the new stuff rolls out, I probably won't even know about it because I really just don't even read Twitter.

Why not delete my account?

Because my Twitter name is fucking Awesome :)

In the end... everyone has a price. In this case, it's a $50 gift card to Amazon.

And honestly... it's not Twitter's fault that I feel this way. It just comes down to people being people and going with what's convenient, fast and easy. I can understand that, believe me I can.

So anyways... that's my Twitter adventure.

And I'm always up for an Adventure, even if I felt a little dirty after. Besides.. those can be the best kind :)

[identity profile] 2011-02-26 04:05 am (UTC)(link)
That is pretty invasive for a user survey. I'd like to see their reaction to a survey like that of Smash. :)

[identity profile] 2011-02-28 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
heh :)

[identity profile] 2011-02-28 09:03 pm (UTC)(link)
I find it highly amusing that of all conversations mine had to come up. Did they mention anything about the content of your twitter account? They are most definitely not allowed to, but in the break room you know they're talking about it :) I just hope someone laughed

[identity profile] 2011-02-28 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Yah... I'm sure the dudes in the other room were havin' a ball lookin' at my stuff.

They didn't say anything specifically but my stuttering and shifting probably indicated that I was feeling a little exposed.

I felt so dirty! :)

And I love that the chick was like Oh! You have a private account!

I'm sure she quickly figured out why.