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I Am Adventure!

I've decided that if I want to start having adventures, I want to document them.. so here is my first adventure!

Drinking and San Francisco.

Or as I like to call it: Sproutzilla romps amongst the urban campers and finishes the night with some German fun!

Friday was a short day of work but a long day altogether.

I had a medical appointment in San Francisco at around 2:30pm on Friday.

I worked until about 12:45 to make sure I'd be done in time to get to my appointment as I was taking a couple of forms of transportation.

I got the bus to BART and BART'd to SF. And then it was time to tame the beast known as MUNI.

I admittedly, have taken MUNI before but it was like.. a million years ago.

I quickly figured out which bus I needed to be on and grabbed it. Things were fine until people started piling on. It was packed pretty tight and I got to overhear the awesome squabbling of two women at the front of bus. Something about being from Queens and representin', etc. etc. All I knew, is that I really did not have time to get stabbed.

I finally managed to get to my stop and couldn't have been happier to exit. I shoulda' yelled, "Bronx for life, Bitches!" and ran off. But I... uh... didn't.

I got to the medical office and ended up waiting in the waiting room for about 2 hours. My appt was at 2:35 and I got called in at around 4:30. Why did I even make an appt?! Ah well.

It was awesome tho because for the first time in YEARS of going there, my BP came up as normal! Yay! :)

After my appt, I grabbed my MUNI bus to the CalTrain depot. Luckily, this one was fairly empty and was a much better experience. Plus, it took me RIGHT to the depot which was sweet! I gotta admit... MUNI was a pretty convenient form of transport even if I felt like I was gonna get shanked at any moment.

I walked across the street and bought a ticket for CalTrain... and then I entered THE MOST CONFUSING CALTRAIN STATION EVERRRRR! :: big, booming echo voice ::

Ok, so all the trains were going one direction. But trying to figure out which was going where and when was a bit confusing. But after some sign reading, I figured it out and settled in to my own set of 4 seats.

I had a smooth and comfy ride down to Sunnyvale where I was met by [ profile] reveille_d. We headed over to his place and hung out there for a couple of hours just chattin' it up and dealing with Bean's dirty bombs in the form of OMG! WHAT DID YOU EAT?! dog farts. Apparently... that means Bean loves you. :)

We finally figured out food options and saddled up to head over to Fire House Brewery where we met [ profile] tastyeagle for foodage.

Their food was decent and I admit that the outfits the waitresses had on were pretty hot. But it wasn't like OMG This is the best restaurant, EVAR! :)

After we ate, the three of us wandered over to Hardy's which is a German spot in Sunnyvale.

We grabbed stools at the bar and immediately my soul brightened as I saw they had my favorite German beer, Kostritzer! Which they served in very cold, very large bottles.

Seen here:

Sooo.. I had 3 of those :) Which was impressive. I almost wish I hadn't eaten such a big dinner as I probably would have been able to drink more and feel it more. But ah well.. it was still fun :)

I loosened up a bit and got to converse with [ profile] tastyeagle and [ profile] reveille_d for a bit til their friend Kif showed up. He saw my mad beer pouring skillz and eagerly asked if I'd marry him. (Supposedly, he's a beer guy. :) ) I don't remember what geeky thing I proclaimed about myself but as a result he asked if I'd marry him twice. Which was both hilarious and flattering :)

I was feelin' pretty good and having a great time :)

I was also getting German lessons from the awesome lady who was runnin' the place. Essentially, I was attempting to order another beer. But apparently, my German sucks. I never said I spoke anything resembling good German. So after some pondering, she gave me this:

After a while, we were joined by [ profile] tugrik and [ profile] revar who had a drink with us and chatted a bit :) They had to head out after a bit and it was just the three of us again.

I had a genius idea that I needed to take a ridiculous drunken picture of Reveille, so I did :)

That's his uh... Come hither look. Yah.. that's it :)

hehe :)

At around 1something a.m. we needed to leave as Reveille needed to be up early the next day.

I was feeling pretty happily buzzed as I got dropped off at Zetta to hang out with [ profile] inaki in the last bit of his shift.

And that was pretty much the end of my night.

I had a fantastic time and I hope I get to hang out with the guys again sometime in the near future :)


Yay for adventures! :)

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I thought you said you didn't like adventure? Or maybe you don't like *my* adventures? It's okay, I see how it is... ;)

[identity profile] 2011-02-17 05:53 pm (UTC)(link)
oh my god! It's so funny you say that! Last night, shavon and I were driving home from Valden and Rozga's and we got lost the same way you and I did and I was telling her how you said we weren't lost, it was an adventure! And I was telling her how you always say that you show me adventure! Hahahah :)

that's awesome :)

I secretly like your adventures, I just give you a hard time to keep you from goin' soft on me.

wow. That sounded bad.*slaps you and runs away*