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awesomesprout ([personal profile] awesomesprout) wrote2011-02-07 10:23 pm

Top Gear...

Ok.. so far.. I gotta say.. I LOVE this show.

I haven't seen the American version but I'm all about the British version.

So far.. my fav. episodes are the Vietnam challenge, the American Car challenge, the track day challenge with the Alfa Romeos, and just the general overuse of the word, "cock."

I really also like how childishly Jeremy argues things when it comes to the cars he likes :) It's awesome :)

And goddamnit... now I want to go drive on a track. Balls.

Curse you, Top Gear and you influential ways!


Yay for Netflix and feeding my addiction :)

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Wait till you see the Peru challenge, could not stop laughing, or the three wheeled car review. OOO OOO or the home built motorhomes!

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this one time...on top gear.... :)

what seasons are those on?

I finished last night out with the gt-r vs. the bullet train race across Japan. I could not stop laughing at Jeremy calling his GPS Amy :) And how the guys kept trying to use their translators and it totally failing :)

And of course...the GT-R...jesus.

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p.s. I think you're lonnnng overdue for some butt kicking in a game of bones.

Same stakes? World domination? :)