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The interview...dundundun!

Today was my interview at Namco-Bandai.

It was quite an adventure getting there as one leg of my journey required me to take the VTA Light Rail which I've never taken before so I was a bit nervous about that.

I left really early to make sure I got there early.

One by one I grabbed the appropriate buses. Then I arrived in San Jose across the street from the VTA Light Rail station I was supposed to catch my train at.

I didn't realize this. It was poorly explained in my transit directions that THIS was in fact, the train station I needed. So after waiting for a few minutes, I freaked and hoofed it for about 10 mins down the street to another light rail station.

As my train went past me... fuck.

Luckily, I had left early so I had some time cushion to grab the next train. As I got to the next station, I quickly realized I had been at the correct station initially. Balls.

Ah well.

I finally made it after riding the light rail and a final bus which dropped me off directly across the street from the building.

The building was unassuming and I ran with just moments to spare to the office.

That was one of the more terrifying interviews I've been in. I swear those guys had (or at least acted like they had) no sense of humor. Hell, I thought I was charming but clearly, I'd met my match.

I got nervous and stumbled over a few of the answers I gave to the general interview questions. Then it came time to show my ability to have any sort of attention to detail.

They seemed impressed at the facts I recalled after looking at an advertisement for about 45 seconds and them asking me questions about it.

After all the questions and the detail test, I had to do a spelling and grammar test and then it was over.

They said I'd know Friday or Monday and that was that.

It looks like a cool place to work, all in all.

But I've done all I can do at this point so once I find out where I stand, I'll determine whether or not I need to confirm for the other interview next Friday with City Beach in Fremont.

At one point.. they asked what would differentiate me from other candidates. I swear to you, I had to bite my tongue from saying, "Well. I'm a girl, I don't live with my parents, and I'm 29." :) But I didn't :)

And now we play... the waiting game.


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