awesomesprout: (Do a little dance!)
awesomesprout ([personal profile] awesomesprout) wrote2011-03-10 11:00 am

One small step for Sproutzilla

One giant leap for Sprout.

Today's the big day. In about 45 mins I'll be stepping out the door and headed to my Namco-Bandai interview. Sure..its game testing. Sure it doesn't pay much. Sure...its a contract gig. But! If I get hired...learn well..and keep at could potentially grow to a bigger and better situation for me over time. This is just a stepping stone in the right direction.

And...should I not get hired..i have an invite to an interview with another company in Fremont next friday as an MC/Event planner for large and corporate events. After reading the job description my roommate exclaimed they had just described me to a T. So at least that's a plan B.

I'm extremely nervous and I'm trying to be confidant.

Eye of the Tiger, baby!

Here goes nuthin'!