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awesomesprout ([personal profile] awesomesprout) wrote2011-03-06 10:38 pm


So... my friend [ profile] humblewolf is one of the many funny people I know.

And truthfully, he's one of top fav. people to hang out with.

Which is also why he's my second in command/co-host for FC:Unleashed!

We were at the same gathering on Saturday night and we were talking/joking/being ridiculous like usual when we got on the subject of chests.

So.. in an effort to flex his chest muscles to go along with the stupidity that was our conversation, he posed and made this ridiculous face:

Which in turn made me fall to the ground laughing hysterically. I couldn't even look at him without bursting into laughter. So I took a pic, made it his ID pic on my phone, and spent the rest of the night laughing cuz he kept doing it!

So I had to share that :)

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