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awesomesprout ([personal profile] awesomesprout) wrote2011-02-24 01:37 pm

Well... because I can....

I'm bored at work, full of yummy noodle bowl food truck goodness and feeling geekily inspired.

So I've just been slapped with the bug of Geeky pick-up lines... :)

Here's a few I just came up with.. feel free to add your own...:

Hey baby, did you know that last night you were part of my final...fantasy?

Hey baby, I'll boba your fett anytime. (Also: Jabba your hut. Or whatever else you think works.)

Wanna go back to my place and Hulk out?

Did you know I can bend steel with my brain? Oh. And I'm great in bed, too.

You think I look this good in spandex wait til I put on something less revealing.

Is that a light sabre in your pocket or are you just happy to see...oh wait it is a light sabre.

Set phaser to sexy.

Did you know that in Klingon your name means, "Mmmmmmm....."?

Hey baby, you were leveling up in my dreams all night last night.

I'm fucking Batman. What else do I have to say?

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