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Do you like the smell of ADVENTURE?!

It's yet another ADVENTURE! post! :) WOOO! :: crowd goes crazy ::

This adventure is called AOD and Japantown...

Or as I'd like to call it: Sproutzilla ate Japantown. The end. :)

This comes with quite a few pics so I'll be cutting it up by categories :) But the whole thing will flow in chronological order for the weekend :)

Woo :)

I packed and dragged all my stuff to work. I was originally supposed to have a short day but traffic and life got in the way and I wasn't picked up until around 5.

I walked up to Lynette (FLARE Brain/Secretary)'s car and she looked at me with this sort of puzzled look on her face. I asked what was up and she asked why I didn't bring anything with me. I turned to the side and showed her that my bag had slumped against my butt and was hiding :) hehehe :)

I'm still a girl, even if I don't ALWAYS pack like one :)

We hopped in the car and were on our way! Well... after sitting in traffic :) I got a call from [ profile] humblewolf on the way to the city inviting me to tag along with him for hanging out and movie fun with [ profile] funktaur & [ profile] rozga_chan. I was bummed I couldn't go because I had to be in SF. But I rain checked for next time.

We arrived and I was immediately taken aback by how friggin' awesome the hotel was. Admittedly, I've never been to Japan... but that hotel makes you feel like what I'd imagine it would feel like being there. We were on the 8th floor and had an AWESOME view :) The hotel had beautiful art everywhere and the rooms were fantastic. The suites had wooden baths n them that you stand in and all sorts of other cool stuff :) Also, going into the parking garage we saw a brand new Mercedes Benz SLR. It was pretty. I said I was gonna go back and take a pic but it never happened. Also, I said that I would find the owner and make friends with them. Also.. never happened.

Here is the view from our hotel on Friday night as well as a couple of pics of the room and the tetris piece lookin' thing is the view straight down from our room of the entrance to the hotel:

The pics are kinda sucky and dark but I only had my phone and was in a bit of a hurry!

We decided to head into the Japantown mall for food and shopping goodness. We first ran into a couple of little stores in the first section of the mall. It was kinda late so most stuff was close to closing. We ended up going into Ichiban (LOVE that store) and I got some cute, fluffy pom pom clips for my hair, a new bag, some pocky and some Baked Soy Crisps :) Sooooo yummy :) And it was sooo cheap!

Lynette, was my shopping partner in crime. Plus, we were the only two FLARE members on site that day so we stuck together. While mid-walkway to the other, larger part of the mall I got a call from my friend Larry who was gonna spend some time runnin' around with me at the con during the weekend since he knew a couple of the artists and was already gonna be in SF and at the con. He asked where I was and I told him I was on the way to the mall. He said he was at and to join him for dinner. We met up with him and he was at Izumiya. I love that place :) I got Sukiyaki and it was awesome :) He was rad and bought the three of us dinner which was really nice :) During dinner he and I opted to hit the Kabuki Theater and go watch a movie and Lynette wanted to go take a bath in the AWESOME bath tub we had in our room. During dinner, we also convinced Larry to join FLARE and work the con on Saturday. He was down as he has security experience and didn't really have anything else to do. So he worked on Saturday! :)

As we were heading out to drop my stuff off and Lynette at the hotel room, we passed by a rad looking cupcake placed in the mall called, Cako. Larry decided he wanted a cupcake so we wandered over and checked the place out. The folks that work there are SUPER nice and we were full from dinner so we were deciding not to get anything. Larry got a cupcake and the guy that worked there kept pestering me and Lynette to get a cupcake. He ended up giving them to us! We each got a free cupcake and I got a second free one! Turns out, the place was about to close for the night and since they make their cupcakes fresh every day, they throw what they don't sell away at night. So they wanted to give them away so they wouldn't be wasted. It was AWESOME. They were AMAZING cupcakes :) And the cupcake place was doing their soft opening as their grand opening was on Sunday. I was feeling pretty freakin' good with my free Sukiyaki and free cupcakes. We dropped stuff off at the hotel and went on our way.

Originally, I was planning on going and watching King's Speech anyway. Larry said that he was down to see that or Biutiful. He somehow won the argument and we went and watched Biutiful.

That was the single most depressing film I have EVER seen in my entire life. There was no happy left in the world during and after that movie.

I don't wanna give it all away but jesus. Don't get me wrong, the movie was AMAZING and extremely well done. But the story is painfully depressing.

Literally, after the movie, I went to the bathroom and I was in there for a bit longer than usual and when I came out, Larry looked worried and said that he was I afraid I'd gone in there to kill myself because the movie was so depressing.

BUT! Like I said. AMAZING movie.

And right after it was done, without a beat, I looked at Larry and said, "Next time. *I* pick the movie."

We parted ways and I headed back to the hotel.

It was beautiful outside. And it def. helped my mood get back to normal. It was lightly raining, Japantown was pretty deserted as most people had retreated into the clubs/bars/kara'oke joints and I walked back to the hotel just enjoying the sites and smells. It was an awesome way to clear my head. And the hotel looked fantastic.

I got back to the hotel and Lynette was still up. I told her about the movie and we randomly chatted until fairly late and we both passed out, enjoying the fact that we were the only two people sleepin' in the room that night. Woot!

I took a last look out at the city from the balcony before settling into my awesome bed and sleeping extremely well :)

I woke up and took my time getting ready for Saturday. Pirates of the Carribean 2 was on TV so I had it playing in the backgound while I showered and prettied myself up. I also didn't exactly rush to get out of bed as it was just me in the room and the bed was comfy :)

I got ready and decided to snap another pic of our view with better like, although it was a bit cloudy and rainy.

Also, as I was walking through the hotel to get food before my shift, I snapped a pic of one of the outside walkways.

I headed over to the larger part of the mall to hit a couple stores that were closed the night before. I hit up an awesome stationary store and found this kitty character I'd never seen before. It's name translated from Japanese means, "Socks Cat." Because it's this ADORABLE little black kitty that always wears white socks on his hands and feet! :) His Japanese name is: Kutusitanyanko. It's a San-X character. San-X is a huge competitor for Sanrio and when they first hit the market, they had a lot of weird little characters, a lot of them resembling Sanrio characters. One of their weirder characters is Afro Ken which was a dog that always wears these wear multi-colored afro wigs. Ken, meaning,"Dog."

Anywho, I digress.

So I saw this cat and fell in love. He was EVERYWHERE. I had to have him :) So I bought a plushie. And the chick at the store was awesome and gave me 20% off because I guess their store was just recently opened also. SCORE! :)

Here is my kitty:

He's holding a little sheep :) Also, he plays the piano so a lot of his merchandise has him with a piano or has music notes :)

I wuv him :)

I also stopped by the bookstore and only ended up buying a TokiDoki zipper pull/phone charm that I didn't know what it was til I opened it. It was one of their little cape-wearing guys and his shirt says, "Adios." I put him on my new bag from Ichiban.

Running out of time, I headed over to Sapporo-Ya and had some really awesome BBQ Pork Yakisoba. It's so much better when it's fresh and not re-hydrated in the microwave! :)

After my lunch I headed back to the hotel and grabbed my vitals gear and got to base to radio up and get my shift going.

My shift consisted of just a lot of walking around. Stopping. Chatting. Walking. Rinse. Repeat. Etc.

The convention was extremely small and felt even more so since it was raining and everyone was inside. It drove me crazy that small groups of people kept clumping up and making it impossible to walk by them. They were forming colonies! ACK!

I spent a lot of time wandering the dealer's room and I found an awesome table that had ears/tails/ear hats/etc. Also, the guy sold tons of bells with ribbons on them! :) So I bought one for my fursuit when it's made :) mwahah :) I wore it for the time being. We told the guy he needed to sell at FC and he said he's been trying to get into the FC dealer's room but that it sells out so quickly he always misses it. I was like.. I think I can help with that! I know some people :)

The bells were pretty big and I bought one for Lynette also. By the end of the con, all the FLARE girls had 'em :) It was awesome :) We called ourselves Nonjas because you're pretty much the anti-ninja with those things on.

The guy was also selling these awesome plush mustaches called Plushtaches! They attached to your face with an elastic strap and were fantastic! :) We kept asking who wanted a mustache ride :)

As I was on patrol (note: we didn't have a SINGLE medical call the ENTIRE convention. Which is pretty good.) I was wearing my Kittytron Woot! shirt. I was pretty pleased with my choice of wearing it as I got a TON of, "Holy Fuck! Your shirt is EPIC! I love IT! YAY WOOT!" compliments the whole day. I even made a Woot shirt buddy. It was this chick that everytime she saw me, she'd yell out, "Hey! That's a woot shirt!" :) haha :)

Made me laugh.

Another funny happenstance was that I got recognized from FC. I was standing in the reg area and chatting with Flare members when I heard, "Sproutzil... OH MY GOD! SPROUT! SPROUT! I know you from FC! I Saw your show! Oh my god! Oh my god! You're awesome! :: bouncebouncebounce ::" Turns out, my new bouncy fan, was Frost Dem (frost demn?) I hi-fived him and said it was nice to meet him and thanked him for the compliment :) I saw a couple other furs around the convention and couple other folks recognized me.

As the con wore on, it finally became time for my dinner break. I headed over to the larger part of the mall and grabbed a boba drink and for dinner I grabbed Chicken Curry from On The Bridge. Holy fuck that was some good curry.

I was walking back to the hotel to eat my food and was walking down the entrance ramp into the mall when I lost my footing on the slick tiles and ate it. I ate it hard too. I landed on my lower left side and directly on my wallet which was in my back, left pocket.

It hurt. My thigh was tense and angry but I was to embarrassed to feel most of it so I got up quickly and told people around me that I was fine and hurried back to the hotel to eat and recoup.

I got back on shift and finished it a few hours later with not much goin on.

I went back to the room, changed, got on some make-up and went back downstairs. I decided to hit up a few small night events and killed time before everyone on FLARE got off shift and we had our party.

I sorta regret not brining my rubber n'stuff but after looking at the crowd, I realized it just didn't have a place there. The kids there were just that, kids. And I just feel like it wasn't appropriate.

So I did what I could to feel smexy and went to party.

Here's me with my bell, pom poms and make-up. Also.. my woot! shirt :)

I met up with the other FLARE members and we had our own little room party. At the party I drank 3 rather potent Cap'n Morgan n' cokes. Essentially, it ended up being one of those college party plastic cups filled halfway with rum and the rest was coke. And there were three of those. So it was a plastic cup and a half of rum and some coke.

I was pretty well on my way to being gone by the time the second one was gone as it had been quite a while since I'd eaten and tend not to drink much.

The party went awesomely and we had some good laughs. I took my third rum n' coke back to our room which was now housing two additional FLARE members.

I went out on the balcony and just enjoyed the fresh air.

I was feeling a bit down and a bit lonely. But I crawled into bed.

I was sharing a bed with a guy named, Mark. He's one of the Klingon crew and I've been friends with him for a while. Lynette and a guy named Bryan were in the other bed. Mark was out immediately, snoring.

I couldn't fall asleep yet because I felt dizzy when I closed my eyes so I had to wait until I felt a bit more sober to fall asleep. Which I eventually did.

I didn't get a ton of sleep so when Sunday came, I really just wanted to stay in bed but alas, I needed to get up.

I got ready and packed. I saw that it was beautiful and sunny outside so I took a final couple of pics of our view:

Also, when I woke, I felt this really horrid pain deep in the muscle of my left ass cheek. It turns out, I had a wallet-sized intermuscular bruise on my ass. It really hurt.

I had some time before my shift so I wandered down to the Japanese Grocery store on the corner down the street from our hotel. I grabbed some Gyoza and a Chicken teriyaki box lunch from the cold food counter. Also some Jasmine tea. They had a microwave at the grocery store so I heated up my food and headed back.

They were really nice at the grocery store.

I ate my food and got ready for my last 5 hours of being on shift.

It was super quiet and there wasn't much going on. Mainly, it was yelling at Cosplayer's to stay off the rocks around the hotel's koi pond.


I spent most of my day hanging in the dealer's room. One of the attendee's gave me a cookie while I was sitting there :) yay :)

While I was wandering I took pics of a group of FLARE members in feet form and the hotel's koi pond. Also a goofy pic of myself and another FLARE member named, James while we were outside watching cosplayer's and making sure they were following the rules:

While we were outside watching the attendees, Mark came out to say his goodbyes. And before he left he told me that I was the most pleasant person he'd ever slept next to. I was flattered. I guess he'd had bad convention bedmate experiences and apparently, I slept like a rock and didn't snore.

YAY! :)

Haha ;)

After my shift, we said our goodbyes, packed up and left.

Lynette and I grabbed dinner on the way home and I came home and relaxed.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend :)

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