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My weekend of not having much planned turned out to be pretty packed..

Friday had already held some previously made plans. Myself, [ profile] rozga_chan and [ profile] funktaur had plans to meet up with [ profile] reveille_d and folks for drinking and debauchery at the Duke of Edinburgh pub in Cupertino.

Rozga opted to dress in her new Gothic Lolita threads and since all my stuff is packed away in storage I went for a modified gothic lolita look. It was fun gettin' all dolled up as I haven't done it in a while.

We showed up at the Duke a bit earlier than most folks were due to arrive so that we could have dinner. On a whim, [ profile] funktaur opted to try something known as Scotch Eggs as an appetizer.

Ok... so based off the description... they sounded strange and well... unappetizing. BUT! When we got them, they were pretty awesome. It's basically breaded sausage with a wedge of hard-boiled egg on it. Heart attack on a plate! Woo! :)

I ordered the Bangers and Mash and was disappointed that they didn't come with peas or onions. Bah! So I asked for some grilled onions and the waitress came back with a bowl FULL of grilled onions. It looked like they had given me an entire freakin' onion.

Unfortunately, the pic is a bit blurry but here are the onions:

Dinner was tasty. I've had better British food but it wasn't too bad.

[ profile] reveille_d arrived and we got a few drinks and chatted. We opted to move to a larger table in the main part of the restaurant. We were later met by a few other folks. We had a good time just hangin' out drinkin' and talkin'.

I left with Rev and crashed at his place. I found out that Sproutzilla was entirely too large for his sofa and I ended up alternating between the floor and the sofa every few hours throughout the night.

The next morning, after Bean attempted to toungue-rape my face for about 30mins, Rev emerged and made an AWESOME breakfast. Holy lord, that was yummy.

We spent a few hours going over some in's and out's of Photoshop so he could learn some photo modification and touching up tips.

At one point, Bean was feeling needy and so Rev was cuddling with him and I got these shots:

(He's gonna kick my butt for posting those :) Haha! Gotta catch me! :: runs :: )

There was a gathering going on Saturday night and I bugged Rev to see if I could tag along. Turned out to be cool so we went by Trader Joe's to grab stuff to make a huge salad and some boozey goodies from BevMo.

The gathering was a Food Party. So I thought the salad Rev and I made would be an excellent addition.

We got grabbed by [ profile] tastyeagle and headed on our way.

We got to the party and it was awesome. I realized that Food Party was an appropriate title as there was so much food. I thought I was going to explode.

We had:

A variety of AWESOME cheeses with bread and crackers.
Pasta with vegan meatballs and freshly made pasta from scratch
Chicken Carbonara with freshly made pasta from scratch
Oven roasted dates wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese
Raspberry booze with chocolate
Ice cream
Freshly made cookies
Lemon Tart made from scratch
And I'm sure there's other stuff but oh my god... all of it was amazing!

The company was awesome too. Lots of cool folks.


Also, I saw this funny pic of [ profile] areitu so I took a pic of it :) haha :)

I was like hey, I know that guy!

The boys dropped me off after the party and I quickly passed out.

Sunday itself was pretty chill. I slept in and when I woke up I decided that my cat would look adorable with a big ribbon and a bell.

I made it so:

I spent the day hanging out, sewing, relaxing, watching video games and movies and apparantly, getting a cold at [ profile] funktaur and [ profile] rozga_chan 's place.

Still had fun though :)

All in all, good times :)

More adventures await!

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